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CDI Dial Torque Wrenches

Dial torque wrenches come with durable body construction for maximum life and an easy to read laser marked scale. We offer CDI single scale models for English or Newton Meter measurements, Dual Scale models, Electric Signaling models of each of these, as well as an Electronic Dial model that uses an LED display. 

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CDI Micro Adjustable Torque Wrenches

Micrometer torque wrenches offer the most rugged torque wrench for years of regular industrial use. Our Dual Scale Micrometer wrenches are the most popular, but we also offer a Single Scale Newton Meter option and a comfort grip dual scale model. For working at odd angles, our Flex Head Micrometer Torque wrench gives 15 degrees of pivot in both directions. 

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CDI Micro Adjustable Torque Screwdrivers

CDI Micro Adjustable Torque Screwdrivers offer versatility when their use will require different torque values depending on the application. With several models to choose from, whatever your torque level needs are our product line is wide enough to provide the right solution. We also offer Preset Torque Screwdrivers as well as the unique Torky which is a mini torque wrench that can be used much like a torque screwdriver when greater torque is required. 

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CDI Preset Torque Wrenches and Heads

Preset Torque Wrenches are perfect in production or repetitive environments where the desired torque level is constant. We can preset your order to whatever foot lbs, inch lbs, or newton meter setting you require. Remember that these torque wrenches should be ordered with the appropriate head to match the wrenches shank size and head size needed for your application. We stock Open End and Standard Box End heads. Other head styles can be custom ordered. 

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CDI Digital Torque Wrenches

The Computorq line of digital torque wrenches from CDI offer the highest accuracy measurements when precise torque is required. Our Computorq II and Computorq 3 models come in a variety of drive size and ft lb ranges. We also offer a high accuracy model and a flexible torque and angle model that has a 360 degree swivel head. 

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Torque Multipliers

When substantial force is required, a torque multiplier produces that level of torque with just a fraction of force. Our models use patented internal gearing to give you a substantial force multiplication for industrial strength torque. Choose from our popular Torque Multipliers in models that have handles, planetary gearing, or our strongest plate reaction models

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CDI Torque Products has long been the innovator and leader in electronic torque measurement and torque calibration equipment. The CDI Torque line includes click type torque wrenches, dial indicating torque wrenches, torque limiting screwdrivers, and a number of special application torque products. CDI Torque Products is the primary supplier of torque wrenches and screwdrivers to governmental agencies since 1968. All CDI Torque Products are individually serialized, shipped with a certificate of calibration, and meet or exceed ASME and ISO standards. 



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