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Torque Multipliers from Williams, CDI and Pro Torque Tools

Torque multipliers provide substantial nut tightening power, but require only a fraction of force to achieve high levels of torque. We offer an extensive line of torque multipliers including hand-operated torque multipliers with handles, planetary gear torque multipliers, and plate reaction torque multipliers, all manufactured by Williams, a leader in the industrial tool market for 100 years.




williams Torque Multipliers with Handles

Our most popular line of torque multipliers is the Williams Torque Multiplier, led by the TM-1000, the best selling 1000 Ft Lb torque multiplier on the market. These affordable models utilize a gearing ratio that produces a 3.6 to 1 to a 5.4 to 1 force benefit depending on the model selected. Our wide selection gives you choices from our smallest model that generates 750 ft lbs of torque up to the largest model that has a max output of 12,000 Ft Lbs. The output drive is connected to your socket and an input drive uses a standard ratchet drive to turn the gearing mechanism, driving the force through to the socket. The handle is used to keep the unit in place, simply resting against a solid surface. You can even double stack a smaller torque multiplier on top of a larger torque multiplier (based on matching input & output drive sizes) and get the combined ratio multiplication to achieve max torque levels with a fraction of manual force.

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Williams Planetary GEAR Torque Multipliers

This line of torque multipliers utilizes a planetary gear mechanism for maximum torque output with less force. The interior gearing structure of our most popular models (TM-391, TM-392, TM-391) generate a ratio multiple that is much greater than standard torque multipliers. These gear ratios range from 6:3:1 for the TM-391 and up to 20:25:1 for the TM-393. The results are amazing – as an example the TM-393 model can generate up to 3200 Ft Lbs of torque with only 173 Ft Lbs of force. That’s roughly 5% of effort to achieve the substantial force required to break out stubborn bolts or sufficiently tighten bolts in an industrial, high torque environment. In addition to the obvious benefits, the safety of your maintenance and engineering staff is protected through minimal exertion to get the job done. These models do allow for air driven wrenches to apply force into the drive socket.

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williams Plate Reaction Torque Multipliers

The Williams Plate Reaction Torque Multiplier gives the greatest level of torque generation available in a manually driven tool. With models achieving a maximum force output of up to 8000 Ft Lbs that require only 154 Ft Lbs of force, it’s easy to see why Williams is the market leader in torque multipliers. Plate reaction models have a more complex gearing structure to yield the greatest levels of generated torque. These models also have a holding ratchet to keep the unit in place during torqueing and a unique, replaceable shearing output square to protect the unit from overload.

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pro torque tools planetary Gear torque multipliers

Pro Torque Tool's own line of Planetary Gear Torque Multipliers. Anywhere there's a high torque, confined space situation, a torque multiplier should be close at hand. Not only will a torque multiplier help make sure your fasteners are properly tightened, but it will help improve worker efficiency - two things which add up to an increase in productivity. Through a relatively simple arrangement of gears a torque multiplier makes the toughest nut-turning jobs a snap. Generally, a torque multiplier is needed when a prescribed amount of torque must be applied to threaded fasteners having a diameter of one inch or more, and/or when fasteners must be accurately tightened in a work space which precludes the use of a torque wrench with a long arm length.


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precision Instruments multiplier dial indicators

Since 1938, Precision Instruments has manufactured the Multiplier Indicators that industry depends on.  Whether the application involves monitoring the input on a torque multiplier from 120 Ft Lbs to 10,000 Ft Lbs, Precision Instruments has a solution to fit your needs.

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Replacement Square Drives for Plate Reaction and Planetary-Gear Torque Multipliers

To protect your investment in a Williams torque multiplier, we offer replacement drives that will automatically “shear” if overloaded beyond the torque level of its unit. Each model is matched to the appropriate torque multiplier so that maximum torque is imbedded in the drive.

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