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4,500 Ft Lbs 1 1/2" Dr PTT 25:1 Torque Multiplier With Anti Wind-Up - PTTM-AM7/25A

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Product Description


The PTTM-AM7/25A torque multiplier with Anti Wind-Up Ratchet employs multiple stages of gearing to give an ultra high torque ratio of 25:1.  This multiplier deliver an English torque level of 4,500 Ft Lbs or 6,000Nm.

Pro Torque Tools Torque Multipliers provide extra mechanical advantage needed to tighten or loosen stubborn nuts and bolts located in cramped or (in accessible) positions. A Manual Tool, particularly recommended where no compressed air/electric power available for use of Power Tools.

Pro Torque Tools Torque Multipliers increase the Torque capacity of Torque wrenches, Hand Ratchets/Wheel Braces at the Input end by a factor depending on the model selected. This enables the operator to achieve high levels of Torque safely and easily.


Made In India


Other Details

Drive Size:
1 1/2"
English Range:
4,500 Ft Lbs
Metric Range:
6,000 Nm
Torque Ratio:
Search Torque Ratios:
20:1 +
Max Ft Lbs:
5,000 Ft Lbs
Max Nm:
6,779 Nm
Weight Lbs:

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