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CDI 301LDIN dial torque wrench

1/4" Dr 0 - 30 In Lbs / 0 - 3.5 Nm CDI Dial Torque Wrench - 301LDIN

$168.81 $331.00
(You save $162.19)
Model #
Drive Size:
English Range:
0-30 In Lbs
Metric Range:
0-3.5 Nm
Weight Lbs:
± 3%
In Lbs



The CDI 301LDIN Dual Scale Dial Torque Wrench with 1/4" Drive from Snap-On Industrial Brands has an English range from 0-30 In Lbs and Metric range from 0-3.5 Nm.  The CDI Classic series dial style torque wrenches offer a body design that guarantees maximum durability and performance. Accuracy of both series of +/- 3% meets or exceeds ASME B107.14 1994, ISO 6789 bi-directionally from 20% to 100% of scale. The 30 in lb torque wrench is supplied with a N.I.S.T. traceable certificate of calibration. If you're looking for something with a slightly larger English and metric range, have a look at the dial-type CDI 751LDIN torque wrench today.

CDI 301LDIN Dial Torque Wrench Features:

  • Sturdy body construction insures maximum durability
  • Easy to read laser marked single scale
  • Large easy to read dial is shock resistant and protected by a tough metal guard
  • Memory needle retains highest torque reading applied
  • Calibrated in both CW and CCW direction
  • Accuracy: ± 3% of indicated value, CW & CCW, from 20% to 100% of full scale
  • Individually serialized with matching certificate of calibration traceable to N.I.S.T. 


  • Drive: 1/4"
  • English Range: 0-30
  • English Range Increments: .5 in. lb.
  • Nm Range: 0-3.5
  • Nm Increments: .1 Nm
  • A In.: 11.5
  • B In.: 1.1
  • C In.: 1.2
  • D In.: 2.75
  • Wt. Lbs.: 1.1 



Warranty Information

Snap-On Industrial Brands Torque Products Warranty: Snap-on Industrial Brands warrants to the original purchaser of CDI Torque Products that the company’s torque products are free from defects in workmanship and materials. Snap-on Industrial Brands will repair or replace CDI Torque Products which fail to give satisfactory service due to defective workmanship or materials (excluding calibration) for 12 months from the date of original purchase. Snap-on Industrial Brands warrants “initial, out of box calibration” of each new, unused CDI Torque Product. Repair, replacement or recalibration shall be at the election and expense of Snap-on Industrial Brands, and is your exclusive remedy in place of all other rights and remedies. Products must be returned with proof of purchase, freight prepaid, to a CDI Torque Products repair center for warranty service. Snap-on Industrial Brands will repair or replace Williams’ Torque Multipliers which fail to give satisfactory service due to defective workmanship or material for 90 days from the date of original purchase. Snap-on Industrial Brands does not provide any warranty for products subjected to abnormal use. Abnormal use includes misuse, accident, modification, unreasonable use, neglect, lack of maintenance, or use after the tool is significantly worn.