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Easy-to-use Torque
Conversion Table

To Multiply
in. oz. in. lb. 0.0625
in. lb. in.oz. 16
in. lb. 0.08333
in. lb. cmkg 1.1519
in. lb. mkg 0.011519
in. lb. Nm 0.113
in. lb. dNm 1.13
ft. lb. in. lb. 12
ft. lb. mkg 0.1382
ft. lb. Nm 1.356
dNm in. lb. 0.885
dNm Nm 0.10
Nm dNm 10
Nm cmkg 10.2
Nm mkg 0.102
Nm in. lb. 8.85
Nm ft. lb. 0.7376
cmkg in. lb. 0.8681
cmkg Nm 0.09807
mkg in. lb. 86.81
mkg ft. lb. 7.236
mkg Nm 9.807


Torque Conversion Calculators

To convert torque values for other units, click on the unit you are starting with below and a popup window calculator will provide you  a quick way to make the conversions:

Common Torque Abbreviations

Foot Pounds – ft lbs
Inch Pounds – in lbs
Inch Ounces – in ozs
Newton Meter – Nm
Centi-Newton Meter – cNm
Meter Kilogram – Mkg