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1" Dr 500 - 2000 Ft Lbs TorcUP VOLTA Battery Torque Wrench - VT-2000

1" Dr 500 - 2000 Ft Lbs TorcUP VOLTA Cordless Torque Wrench (Gun Only) - VT-2000

Model #
Drive Size:
1 Inch
Torque Range English:
500 - 2000 Ft Lbs
Torque Range Metric:
660 - 2710 Nm
1 Speed


The TorcUP Volta VT-2000 (Gun Only) has a 1" Drive, an English Torque range of 500 - 2000 Ft Lbs or 680 - 2710 Nm. 

With a precision-engineered brushless motor that delivers efficiency, longer run-time and extended durability, this 1" drive cordless torque wrench offers configurable torque range capabilities ensuring ease of use and repeatability. This pneumatic torque wrench features internal brushless technology also allows the unit to run cooler, providing bolting application safety and versatility in harsh environments.  Additional features include digital display, torque memory settings, automatic reaction arm release and ft/lb or Nm settings.

The TorcUP VOLTA has been engineered to master any application effortlessly. Fully charged in under 60 minutes, the VOLTA’s lithium battery provides enough power to take on hundreds of fastenings with no hoses or cords to limit your reach. Within this 1" drive cordless torque wrench is a digital motor vectoring system that provides accurate and repeatable torque throughout each model’s full range capabilities. The VOLTA cordless torque gun exemplifies the durability, reliability and safety that has embodied every industrial wrench crafted by TorcUP since the company’s founding in 1996.

TorcUP Volta VT-2000 Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Every Unit Calibrated In ISO17025 Laboratory
  • Alloy Steel Square Drive
  • Ergonomic Slip-Resistant Pistol Grip
  • High-Efficiency Brushless Motor
  • Cast Reaction Arm
  • Internal Gear Drive
  • Soft-Start Trigger
MODEL #VT 2000
Square Drive 1”
Min. Torque (Ft/Lbs) 500
Max. Torque (Ft/Lbs) 2000
Min. Torque (Nm) 680
Max. Torque (Nm) 2710
Weight w/o Arm & Battery   13.1 lbs / 5.9 kg
Weight w/ Arm & Battery 15.9 lbs / 7.2 kg
RPM @ Min. Torque 1
RPM @Max Torque 5
Diameter 2.85” / 72.4mm
Length 10.97” / 278.6mm
Height 10.40” / 264.2mm
Requirements Charger Requirements: 110 - 120 V (50-60 Hz)
and 230 - 240 V (50-60 Hz)

*Lead Time: 3-6 Weeks

*Volta Lithium Ion 8.0 Ah Rechargeable Batteries cannot be shipped by air.


Warranty Information

VT SERIES WRENCHES - 13 Month Warranty From Date Of Purchase