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4,057 Ft Lbs 1 1/2" Dr 21:1 PTT Planetary Gear Torque Multiplier With Reaction Plate - TM-55F

4,057 Ft Lbs 1 1/2" Dr 21:1 PTT Planetary Gear Torque Multiplier With Reaction Plate - TM-55F

$2,909.81 $4,012.26
(You save $1,102.45)
Model #
Drive Size:
1 1/2 Inch
Search Torque Ratios:
20:1 +
Weight Lbs:
Ft Lbs up to 4,500


The Pro Torque Tools TM-55F Planetary Gear Torque Multiplier offers a torque ratio of 21:1 and a maximum output of 4,057 Ft Lbs or 5,500 Nm with a 90 degree reaction plate & sliding drive.

Anywhere there's a high torque, confined space situation, a planetary gear torque multiplier should be close at hand.

Not only will a torque multiplier help make sure your fasteners are properly tightened, but it will help improve worker efficiency - two things which add up to an increase in productivity.

Through a relatively simple arrangement of gears a torque multiplier makes the toughest nut-turning jobs a snap.

Generally, a torque multiplier is needed when a prescribed amount of torque must be applied to threaded fasteners having a diameter of one inch or more, and/or when fasteners must be accurately tightened in a work space which precludes the use of a torque wrench with a long arm length.

Gear Ratios on torque multipliers can have up to a 10% +/- variance due to the friction within the gears that generate the output force. They will be most accurate when used between 50-75% of their max output. Torque levels at the high end of the range will suffer from friction loss and have a reduction in the actual output ratio. For frequently used multipliers, you should choose a model that has a max range that is at least 25% above your intended max output.

5500 Nm 4,057 Ft Lbs 1/2" 21:1 1 1/2" 261 Nm 193 Ft Lbs 4.1" 4.2" 21 Lbs

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Made In China

Warranty Information

Pro Torque Tool Multipliers are covered by a 1 year warranty.