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CDI Supreme SURETEST Torque Calibration System - 5000-2

CDI Supreme SURETEST Torque Calibration System - 5000-2

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This CDI 5000-2 Supreme SureTest Torque calibrator features versatile data acquisition capabilities including measurement storage retrieval, statistical analysis and automatic downloading to an external printer/ computer. The SURETEST stores, recalls and downloads up to 3000 torque readings.

The CDI Torque Calibration system provides readings with an accuracy of ± .25% of indicated value and features multiple languages: English, Spanish, French, Japanese and German. The SURETEST Torque Calibration System may be ordered in three different combinations. The “Premier”, the “Supreme” and the “Basic” systems are described on these pages. In addition, you may order any component separately to build your own “custom” system. 


  • Large LCD graphical display
  • Five built-in languages
  • Date and time stamp
  • Dual RS-232 ports, analog output
  • SPC built-in
  • Automatic downloading
  • Accuracy: ± 0.25% of indicated value, cw & ccw, from 10% to 100% of full scale
  • Transducers available from 5 in. ozs. to 2000 Ft Lbs of torque
  • All transducers are "smart" (plug and play)
  • Readout in eight different engineering units
  • Stores and recalls 3000 torque values (date & time)
  • Fully automatic voltage input adaptation (100 - 240 VAC input)
  • Data is saved when SURETEST is turned off
  • All transducers are individually serialized with matching certificate of calibration traceable to N.I.S.T.


Part No. Description
5000-ST SURETEST Monitor
2000-600-02 Mechanical Loader
2000-100-02 Roller Cabinet
2000-400-02 4 in 1 Transducer Kit, 4 in. lbs. to 250 ft. lbs.
2000-500-02 4 In 1 Transducer Adapter Kit
2000-4-02 Transducer Range From 5 - 50 in. ozs.
2000-5-02 Transducer Range From 15 - 200 in. ozs.
2000-12-02 Transducer Range From 60 - 600 ft. lbs.
2000-13-02 Transducer Range From 100 - 1000 ft. lbs.
2000-14-02 Transducer Range From 200 - 2000 ft. lbs.
2000-550-02 Extension Arm Kit for Long Torque Wrenches
900-0-1KIT Joint Rate Simulator 50 in. lbs. capacity
900-2-01KIT Joint Rate Simulator 400 in. lbs. capacity
900-3-01KIT Joint Rate Simulator 1000 in. lbs. capacity
2000-SW PC Software
2000-50-2 Cable from SURETEST to external printer
2000-50-1 Cable from SURETEST to PC

**60 - 90 day lead time for delivery of this item.

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