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Seekonk PIN Vise Dr .5 In Oz-3 In Lbs Preset Slip Type Torque Screwdriver - MC-10P

PIN Vise Dr 5 - 48 In Oz Seekonk Preset Slip Type Torque Screwdriver - MC-10P

$239.76 $266.40
(You save $26.64)
Model #
Drive Size:
PIN Vise
Range In Oz:
5 - 48
Range cNm:
3.5 - 33.8
3.5 Oz
± 3%
In Oz to 100
cNm to 70



The Seekonk MC-10P Slip Type Preset Torque Screwdriver has a Pin Vice Drive and can be preset between an English range of 5 Inch Ounces to 48 In Ounces / 3 Inch Pounds or a metric range of 3.5 cNm to 33.89 cNm.  The Pin Vice in this model can accommodate the following heads: .040 Screwdriver blade, .100 Screwdriver blade, #0 Phillips, #4 Allen.

Lead time: 2 Days

  • The Seekonk MC-10P Preset Slip Type Torque Screwdriver extend fool proof torque limiting action into a convenient compact design.
  • A precision clutch mechanism suspended between heavy duty thrust and lateral bearings provides accurate and consistent operation.
  • As with other Seekonk slip type torque tools, over torquing is impossible, even with continued turning.
  • Accuracy +/- 3%
  • Shipped with complementary NIST certificate of calibration.


Warranty Information

Seekonk Manufacturing Products Warranty: Tools are guaranteed for ninety days with a limited parts and labor warranty. This warranty is void if in the judgement of Seekonk Manufacturing, a tool has been altered or abused. Calibration guaranteed for ninety days. Within that time if it is suspected that the tool is out of specification, we will re-calibrate at no charge. One year manufacturing warranty for tools requiring repair due to manufacturing defect.