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1/4" Dr 12 - 240 In Lbs / 1.36-27.12 Nm Williams Steel Grip Electronic Torque Wrench - 2401EFRMH

1/4" Dr 12 - 240 In Lbs / 1.36-27.12 Nm Williams Steel Grip Electronic Torque Wrench - 2401EFRMH

$484.38 $1,000.00
(You save $515.62)
Model #
Drive Size:
1/4 Inch
English Range For This Tool:
1 - 20 Ft Lbs
English Range For This Tool:
12 - 240 In Lbs
Metric Range For This Tool:
1.4 - 27.2 Nm
Weight Lbs:
± 2%
Flex Head
Torque And Angle
In Lbs to 300
Ft Lbs to 25
Nm to 33.9



The Williams 2401EFRMH 1/4" Drive Steel Grip Electronic Torque Wrench offers English Ranges in 1-20 Ft Lbs & 12-240 In lbs and a Metric Ranges of 1.4-27.2 Nm.The 1/2" digital torque wrench features dual side LED indicator lights to provide operation guidance. Add this electronic torque wrench to your work space today!



  • Sealed head keeps contamination out and lubrication in for better performance and longer tool life
  • Handles are durable, lightly knurled for a tough, non-slip grip
  • Dual Progressive LEDs light indicators (Yellow, Green, Red ) on side of wrench allows user to view active torque readings and to anticipate torque target for more accurate torque
  • Automatically compensates for flex related torque variances
  • Easy to ready large LCD screen, LED indicator lights, audible beep and handle vibrations work together to signal when torque is within the targeted range
  • Rugged all steel body is design to stand up to industrial use and each wrench is backed by a 1 year warranty
  • Torque measured in seven modes ft-lb, in-lb, Nm, dNm, kg-cm, angle and torque then angle
  • Fully programmable with 10 memory presets
  • 10 DEG/SEC < 180 DEG/SEC) + (+/- 1 DEG for test fixture)
  • Torque accuracy: +/- 2% CW, +/- 3% CCW indicated value, 20% to 100 % of full scale
  • Torque accuracy: +/-4% CW, +/-6 CCW indicated value, 10% to 19% of full scale
  • Torque accuracy: +/- 8% CW, +/- 10% CCW indicated value, 5% to 9% of full scale
  • Includes: Blow Molded Storage Case






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