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1/4" Dr 1 - 4.4 In LBS Tohnichi Digital Torque Screwdriver - STC50CN2-G

1/4" Dr 1 - 4.4 In LBS Tohnichi Digital Torque Screwdriver - STC50CN2-G

$1,026.00 $1,200.00
(You save $174.00)
Model #
Driver Size:
1/4" Female Hax
English Range:
1 - 4.4 In Lbs
English Range:
15-70 In Oz
Metric Range:
10-50 cNm
Metric Range:
1-5 kgf cm
0.34 Kg
± 1%
In Lbs
In Oz



The Tohnichi STC50CN2-G Digital Torque Screwdriver has a 1/4" Hex Bit Holder and an English range of 1-4.4 In Lbs and 15-70 In Oz and a Metric Range of 10-50 cNm or 1-5


  • The 1/4" digital torque screwdriver is ideal for measuring or tightening torque applications in cNm,, In Lbs or In Oz.
  • Portable and convenient method to confirm torque settings of torque screwdrivers.
  • The display setting of the cordless torque screwdriver can be changed so you can read it from different view points.


New Judgment Feature: Light indicator and buzzer alerts:

    • In Tightening Mode, tool has light indicator (and buzzers) that alerts user to status:
      • White: approaching target torque at 80%,
      • Blue: achieved target torque
      • Yellow / Red: over torque
    • In Measuring Mode, inspection results are indicated :
      • Blue: within hi/lo judgment parameters
      • Yellow
      • Red: outside hi/lo judgment parameters


  • New Lithium-ion Battery for up to 30 Hrs Continuous Use
  • New Expanded Memory Capacity: 1000 Data Memory Storage
  • New USB port for easy data downloading
  • Features Ratcheting Direction Control
  • Accepts standard 1/4 hex root shape bits (sold separately See "Bit Selection" link below)
  • New: STC2-G-BT Version Features Bluetooth Data Transfer Function
  • Data Memory: 1000 Data
  • Arithmetic Function: Sampling, Maximum, Minimum, Means
  • Measurement Mode: PEAK/RUN
  • Usage Direction: CW & CCW
  • Usage Type: Measuring & Tightening
  • Data Output: USB
  • Reset Function: Manual/Auto 0.5 - 5.0 sec. adjustable by 0.5 step.
  • Other Function: Auto power off (after 3 min.), Battery Life Indicator, Auto Zero
  • Power Source: Lithium-ion Battery Pack BP-7
  • Charging Time: Via Charger: 5 Hrs, Via PC (USB): 10 Hrs
  • Continuous Use: Approx 30 Hrs.
  • Operating Conditions [°C]: Temperature 0 ~ 40 Degrees C, no condensation
  • Standard Accessories: Quick Charger BA-7, Lithium-ion Battery Pack BP-7, USB Cable
  • Use STC2-G to spot check torque drivers (ex RTD with #700 bit) to confirm torque setting prior to use.


Standard Model Bluetooth Model STC2-G (Unit Selection via Keypad) Approx. Weight
cNm Kg
Min~Max 1 Digit Min~Max 1 Digit Min~Max 1 Digit Min~Max 1Digit
STC50CN2-G STC50CN2-G-BT 10-50 0.05 1-5 0.005 1-4.4 0.0005 15-70 0.05 0.34


  • Accepts standard, 6.35 (1/4) HEX bit. (sold separately)


  Made In Japan


Warranty Information

All Tohnichi products are thoroughly checked and tested at the factory before shipment. The accuracy of each tool should be as stated for each model as a percentage of reading unless otherwise noted. Hand tool durability is based on repeated movement tests over a minimum of 100, 000 cycles by a durability testing machine. Should defects due to faulty materials and workmanship develop within one (1) year from the date of sale, it will be repaired and put in workable condition or replaced free of charge if returned to Tohnichi with proof of purchase. The warranty is not valid if the product has been misused, tampered with, or abused.