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Torque Multipliers

When applying high levels of torque, make the job much easier with one of our torque multipliers for sale. With torque ratios up to 125:1, our manual torque multipliers can allow one person to tighten bolts up to 35,000 Ft Lbs. If you need to apply continuous and repeatable torque, check out our pneumatic torque wrenches. Avoid running the risk of over-torquing and under torquing by using any of our Snap-On torque multipliers. Whether you are working by hand, need repeatable amounts of torque, or want to make sure you get the exact measurement of torque applied, we have torque multipliers for sale that you need to help with high-torque jobs. Pro Torque Tools offers manual & electronic torque multipliers for sale from Snap-On Industrial Brands, NorbarWilliams by Snap-On Industrial Brands,  TorcUp & California Torque.

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