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1" Dr 100-1000 Ft Lbs Proto Electronic Torque Wrench - J6349

1" Dr 100-1000 Ft Lbs Proto Electronic Dial Torque Wrench - J6349

$2,377.40 $4,572.02
(You save $2,194.62)
Model #
Drive Size:
1 Inch
English Range For This Tool:
100-1000 Ft Lbs
Metric Range For This Tool:
140-1400 Nm
Weight Lbs:
± 1%
Ft Lbs to 1000
Nm to 1400



The Proto J6349 Electronic Dial Torque Wrench has a 1" Drive and an English range of 100-1000 Ft-Lbs and Metric range of 140 - 1400 Nm. Manufactured to meet standard industrial torque applications such as general industry, heavy equipment and maintenance.


  • Extended operation range in ft-lb and Nm units.
  • Precision Accuracy: + / - 1% in BOTH directions.
  • Accuracy valid from 10% to 100% of full scale.
  • Large easy to read digits.
  • Patented rotary bezel. LCD and key pad rotate both ways, up to359 degrees for easy viewing.
  • Torque target zone adjustable 1% to 10% indicates when the desired torque limit is approaching.
    - Yellow light indicates the low end of the zone
    - Green light and buzzer sounds when the target is reached
    - Red Light with intermittent buzzer indicates over-torqued
  • One button target torque setting.
  • Ergonomically designed for user comfort.
  • Operates on standard 9 volt battery.
  • Torsion drive strain gauge technology improves accuracy.
    - Users can pull on the handle anywhere and still maintain accuracy.
  • Built on durable chrome body (not painted) with nylon-6 rotary bezel.
  • Rotary dial is shrouded with metal walls to protect display.
  • Peak, hold and track modes standard.
  • Fast sampling rate helps maintain high accuracy during torque applications.
  • Easy to use by production line or quality control inspector.
  • Meets or exceeds ASME B107.28


  • Drive Size: 1
  • Style: Electronic
  • Width [In]: 4
  • English Range [Ft Lbs]: 100-1000 / [Nm]: 140-1400
  • Overall Length [in]: 77
  • Height [in]: 5
  • Weight [LBS]: 20.00
  • Specification ASME: ASME B107.28
  • Finish: Full Polish
  • Specification ISO: ISO 6789


Warranty Information

Proto Torque Products Warranty: Torque Wrenches, Torque Multipliers and Torque Testers are warranted for one year, except for calibration which is warranted for ninety (90) days from date of purchase. Torque products can be repaired and recalibrated for a nominal charge at any Proto Authorized repair center or any other such location as may be designated by Proto. Defects in material or workmanship will be repaired or replaced at no cost: all other repairs will be at a nominal charge. Torque products are precise measuring devices that require care in handling. Proto recommends that all torque wrenches be recalibrated once a year or more, depending on usage.